How to Activate & Disable Auto Start-Stop on Ford F-150

How to Activate & Disable Auto Start-Stop on Ford F-150 

If you've got a modern Ford F-150, your vehicle is equipped with the stop-start technology. This feature shuts off the engine when the truck is idling. It is possible to turn this system on and off whenever you wish. Here's how.


Your Auto Start-Stop function comes on when you start the car. To determine if it is on looks for the Start-Stop icon in the left-hand corner of your dash screen.

What is Auto Start-Stop?

If you stop at a redlight, for instance, the engine will stop running. You will still have full use of your HVAC systems, lights, power windows, power doors, and your entertainment system. When you lift your foot from the brake, the engine knows it's time to go. It restarts before you touch the accelerator, and off you go as fast as you would if the engine had never stopped.

The system has been designed with intelligence. It knows that it isn't wanted when the truck is in 4-Wheel mode. If you go off-roading, you can be sure it won't interfere. When towing, the system detects the extra weight and doesn't cut the engine off.

Is It Easy to Turn Off?

Ford has made sure to include the human element when designing this system. That's why, unlike some start-stop systems, there is an easy way to turn it off. The on/off button has the same image as the dash icon. It is located above the touchscreen to the far right of the driver.

There are two reasons that they turn off the system. The first is the lack of noise when they are at a redlight. Without the engine, the cabin unquestionably is quieter than when the engine is running. The second is their concern about the system's impact on engine systems.

Will This Affect My Engine Lifespan?

Rest assured, Ford engineers put serious time and effort into designing the stop-start system for Ford engines. This idea has become a reality thanks to the increasing number of electronic systems within the powertrain that have decreased the number of moving, breakable parts. As such, the system shouldn't have an impact on the life of your engine.

Across the country, Ford F-150 drivers are saving fuel at a red light after red light thanks to this ingenious device. For businesses and tradespeople, the savings add up. The system reduces emissions without sacrificing capability.

Some websites suggest ways to circumvent start-stop systems permanently. Ford has made sure you don't need to alter the truck in any way by providing the convenient on/off switch. If your vehicle is under warranty, you don't want to add equipment that could void your essential coverage.

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