How to Activate & Disable Auto Start-Stop on Ford F-150   

What is Auto Start-Stop?

Auto Start-Stop remains one of the most innovative features on new and even used Ford models (contact us to see which models have this feature activated). It's an engine/fuel saving behemoth that will make you glad you bought a model with its useful capabilities. An example of Auto Start-Stop technology at work might be when you're sitting in a drive-thru waiting for a burger. Your engine stops running during that time, going into hibernation and not running or using fuel.

In the meantime, everything else still works: radio, power doors, HVAC systems, and even your touchscreen infotainment system. You don't lose anything from Auto Start-Stop, but you have a lot to gain. Once your vehicle is in motion again - when your foot moves from the brake - your engine instantly works again and powers you forward to pick up that delicious burger.


How Do I Turn It Off?

If you're not in the mood to save money or have this feature activated, Ford makes it easy to deactivate it so that it doesn't interfere with your sense of comfort while driving. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Ford understands that and created an easy way to switch it off.

Look for your dash icon. It's above the touchscreen (to the right of your driver). Press it to turn off or on. You're all set! Some automakers make it impossible to turn off this feature, and we think that's one reason Ford made it so easy to deactivate. They want you to have a choice.

How Does This Help Engines?

Does this feature benefit your engine in any way? Of course. Only in the best of ways, by saving you money and making sure the engine isn't operational unless it's absolutely necessary. That said, it won't have a single negative impact on your engine at all.

It's all about saving fuel. Ford drivers now have the benefit of using less gas than ever before! You're going to appreciate the quieter cabin as well. Without your engine running at red lights and in drive-thru's, you'll find that your quieter cabin is a pretty neat place to be.

More Information

If you're shopping for a new Ford, Auto Start-Stop is a perfect reason to go through with your idea to buy a Ford. Ford does this feature beautifully, with convenience and choice always included in the equation. Our dealership has many Ford models equipped with auto start-stop right now.

Just call, write, or stop by today to get your hands on a test drive of a model that has this simple and advanced feature. It enhances your drive, saves you money, and really gives you yet another reason to be proud that you're a Ford owner. The F-150 is one of our most popular models this year that has auto start/stop. Truck owners are going to love the fuel savings and rugged style of this one. Call today.

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