How to Pair Your Phone with SYNC 3

Ford Sync 3

Revolutionizing On-The-Road Safety with SYNC 3

The most amazing thing about today's offerings in technology might be the seemingly limitless outreach to those around us. Through the bevy of applications available to us for free on various mobile marketplaces, it's never been easier for people to find new ways to connect. Of course, the world at large has adapted to this and made our smart devices pretty much essential for everyday life.

This has had the unfortunate consequence of increasing the number of accidents that occur on the road due to distraction by a smart device. You receive a text message, a phone call, a weather notification — how do you check up on these and respond while you're behind the wheel? The answer, it turns out, is much simpler than you think. Enter Ford's newest iteration of the center console operating system: SYNC 3.

SYNC 3 works by connecting with your Android or iPhone and receiving not only calls and text messages, but notifications in general. In addition, you can install third-party apps to SYNC 3 that support the information received from your smart device on the drive. This allows you to control many of your smartphone's multimedia features straight from the console, including YouTube, iHeartRadio, Sirius, AccWeather, Yahoo! Mail, and more.

How to Connect Your Handset with SYNC 3

If you're ready to find out how SYNC 3 can improve your driving experience on the road, it's time to connect your smart device to the console. To get synced, you'll need to turn on the Bluetooth® radio in your smartphone or tablet and start your Ford vehicle. We'll walk you through the details here:

  1. Select Phone at the bottom of the console display by tapping it.
  3. Work your way to System Settings and select it.
  5. Find Add Bluetooth® Device and tap on it.
  7. SYNC 3 will attempt to locate any eligible devices nearby. With your phone or tablet's Bluetooth® enabled, you'll want to turn on Visible to Other Devices, sometimes known as Discovery Mode.
  9. You may have to follow additional instructions on both panels to successfully pair the two devices. Once you've done this, your device is all set and will never need to be paired again. This means that when you start the car, your smartphone or tablet will automatically link up and begin streaming music, notifications, phone calls and more to the console display.

Try it Out for Yourself!

While Ford offers many great features in its automotive offerings, it's not always something that you can just read about and feel confident in. We understand this and invite you to come to our dealership for a tour of the various software benefits that can improve your safety and convenience on the road. We'll show you how to hook your iPhone or Android device to your Ford vehicle and maximize on the features available to you.

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