F-Series Gets a New Powerful V8 Engine

Ford F-Series

If you need a solid, powerful work truck, all of us at Town East Ford wants you to know about the new engine available for the Ford F-Series pickups. It will let you dominate your work sites.

What Are this Engine's Technical Specs?

The newest Ford power plant is 7.3 liters, a massive engine. This V-shaped setup contains eight large cylinders, which pushes out 430 horses at 5,500 revolutions per minute, the highest gas-engine horsepower rating available on the American pickup market. Additionally, this new engine creates 475 foot-pounds of torque, which is the best output in its class.

What Can this New Ford Engine Do for You?

If your day's work involves hauling heavy loads in difficult environments, this latest Ford truck engine will enable you to work faster and more dependable. Ford designed this unique workhorse with overhead valves that create low-revolution-range power, which provides faster, more-reliable motivation of heavy loads. You will control this engine's capacity via the all-new TorqShift transmission. This 10-speed, automatic setup withstands demands from heavy-duty work sites, and it lets you easily operate your Ford F-Series at highway speeds.

Which Models Have Access to this Engine?

In early 2019, large-engine bloggers and torque fans speculated about which models Ford would feature this expansive engine. We can now proudly share with you that Ford offers its substantial, new power plant in its 2020 Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickups. At later dates, the automaker may provide this engine to other F-Series models.

For questions about this new, impressive truck engine, please contact us. We can also happily schedule a neighborly F-Series test drive for you if you wish to personally experience this powerful engine.

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