What is FordPass?

Ford Sync

Ford strives to deliver innovative digital technology to its customers. This American auto brand has developed the patented SYNC 3 platform that's available in most models. The multimedia system is packed with great connectivity features, including the FordPass mobile app. This function is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. From remote services to financial management, the signature app offers valuable utility for the modern driver. Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights of this innovative Ford smartphone app.

What Can You Do With the FordPass Application?

The FordPass Park function allows you to search for an available parking space at a specific address. You can also find a parking garage or lot near a major landmark or point of interest. If a calendar icon appears near an open parking space, you can make a reservation ahead of time. There's no need to use cash or credit cards on the days of the actual parking use. Payments could be made in advance through the signature mobile app that's powered by ParkWhiz.

What is FordPass

Whether you're looking to regular or premium gasoline in the local area, you can easily find the appropriate fuel grade on the FordPass app. Filters allow you to narrow the search according to price and other criteria, such as the brand of the gas station. You may zoom in and out of the map to expand the acceptable radius of the search results. If you're curious about the fuel level in your Ford car, just access some of the remote services in the signature app. A digital time and date stamp is displayed at the bottom of each snapshot of the fuel gauge. Remote control of the engine and doors is also included in the app. It's even possible to schedule a start of the engine for a specific time.

From oil changes to tire rotations, the FordPass delivers important service minders at appropriate intervals. You'll receive notifications on recommended services and diagnostics as defined by the auto manufacturer. All appointments at registered dealers and recognized providers are recorded in a database that's accessible in the app. For example, you can look at the details of the most service scheduled maintenance that was performed to your car.

The MyWallet function helps you manage financial transactions involving your vehicle. The FordPay accepts major payments from major credit cards, such as American Express and Visa. Stored on a secure cloud network, the payment information covers parking expenses and other fees that are linked to a registered vehicle. Additionally, the Ford Credit feature allows you to make payments for the lease or load of your car. Autopay and electronic statements are displayed in the Ford Credit interface. It's also possible to review information on previous and scheduled payments.

If you're having technical trouble with the FordPass app, take advantage of the FordGuide functionality. You can request assistance from an experienced agent in real time. The app provides a direct line of communication with an operator who's available to answer concierge-type questions and resolve common troubleshooting issues. The FordGuide provides detailed instructions on device registration and any problems involving the SYNC 3 infotainment system.

Visit our Ford dealership and try the advanced digital technology that's available in the latest models. You'll find the FordPass app in the Escape, EcoSport, Mustang and other editions.

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