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Social Distancing Does Not Mean Staying Alone

With the recent pandemic, many cities are encouraging their citizens to practice social distancing. If the practice has been causing you to feel lonely and maybe even depressed, the following article will cover five things that you can do to stay happy and active.

#1 Exercise Every Day

Some people say that they do not exercise because they do not have time, but now many of us do, so no excuses. Try to get your body moving every day. This could be something as simple as walking in place, or it could be more complicated, like kickboxing. If you can exercise for 30-60 minutes a day, you will get your heart pumping and your mental juices flowing.

#2 Chat with Friends

Just because you are socially distancing, it doesn't mean that you cannot stay connected. Your friends are the people who will keep you stable and balanced during these difficult times. Since that is the case, call them up. Better yet, why not do a video chat with them. Several platforms will allow you to chat with multiple friends at the same time. Laugh, joke, cry and dish. Friends are the spice of life.

#3 Avoid the News

You do want to stay up to date on what is going on in the news, but you have to be balanced. If you have to watch the news once a few times a week, that is fine, but don't watch the news like it is a movie. It will only add more stress to you, and you need to keep your spirits high.

#4 Clean Up

This is the perfect time of year to do house cleaning. Move some furniture, open up those cabinets. Do all of the cleanings that you say you would do if you had time. After this time passes, you will be able to enjoy your sparkling new house.

#5 Learn a New Skill

We have access to more information now than ever. Since that is the case, why not learn that skill that you always wanted to. Youtube and Google can be your best friends in these times.

Even in the time of a global pandemic, life is beautiful. Be thankful for your health, connect with friends, and enjoy all of the abundances that life has given you. Use this free time to reflect on the good things in your life and do the things that you never had time for before.

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