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How To Tell When my Car Needs Power Steering Fluid

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is an often overlooked part of a smooth drive. Without the right kind of steering fluid and the right amount, steering the vehicle can become very uncomfortable, dangerous, or even impossible. When your steering fluid becomes low, your vehicle will begin to show certain symptoms. Today we're here to cover what to look for and how you can remedy the situation.

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How to Activate & Disable Auto Start-Stop on Ford F-150

When you own a Ford F-150, it's simple and straightforward to use the automatic start and stop feature. The intuitive design and function can allow you to turn it on at a moment's notice without struggling to troubleshoot it. The feature can help you save money on fuel and even reduce the emissions released by the pickup truck. It works by lowering the power of the engine as it idles. This allows you to save on fuel when you're at a stoplight or are in traffic. You also have the option to disable it if you want…
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