You could use a smartphone to manage and access your Ford vehicle remotely. Below you will find details on the exclusive FordPass Connect technology that's available on the latest models.

Discover FordPass Technology

FordPass Connect is a modem that's integrated with the infotainment system's SYNC software. When you turn on the infotainment console, you will see several icons that provide shortcuts to signature services and applications, including FordPass Connect. You must download the FordPass mobile app on your smartphone to access the digital suite's remote services. FordPass is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You will have to add the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to activate the app on your mobile device. When the FordPass portal is fully synced with your smartphone, you could use some remote commands and other functions. For example, the app's home menu has an option for remotely starting and turning off the engine in your Ford vehicle.

Driver starting car with FordPass app  

The remote start function might not work correctly if your Ford car is in the Deep Sleep Mode. You could manually manage this mode from the settings of the mobile app. If the car's trunk is not fully closed, you cannot use the remote start functionality. Additionally, the engine will not start remotely if the hood is open. Some mechanical problems could also disable the remote engine start option in the FordPass suite. You might receive the Check Engine Light notification on the app's home screen when there's a significant issue with the powertrain.

If you experience other technical problems with the FordPass app, the FordGuides provide reliable assistance. Of course, you can do much more with this signature smartphone app, such as checking your Ford model's real-time location. Such data is directly retrieved from the GPS navigation system that's built into the SYNC infotainment console. Additionally, FordPass Connect includes a Wi-Fi hotspot through AT&T. Some of the largest Ford SUVs offer wireless connections for up to 10 devices at the same time.

Our dealership provides additional details on the FordPass mobile application. Visit today for a demonstration of this technology.