Protect Your Vehicle With Our Premium Paint & Fluid Products

Due to the investment that you have made in your vehicle, protecting it should be a top priority as the owner. The performance and operation of the car rely on how much time and money you spend protecting the various parts, which influences its value. You'll be able to keep your vehicle in excellent condition on the inside and outside of the car with routine maintenance that is performed each season.

We have the right products to use to reduce wear that occurs and increase the car's performance. Read on to discover our line of reliable ZAK products that are available.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

Many people may consider if it's worth investing in ZAK products. ZAK fluids are formulated to be used on a variety of parts of cars. You can choose between different formulations to use on your car's brakes, oil, diesel, transmission, power steering, cooling, HVAC, battery, and fuel system.

You can boost your car's exterior with products that include our Headlight Restoration Kit, Maximum Tire Shine, and Maximum Suds Car Wash to remove excess dirt, grime, and residue that is present. You'll boost the appeal of your car's exterior and also increase its value by providing a higher level of care to the various parts.

Additional protection is provided when you utilize our ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package to ensure your paint doesn't suffer from wear or damage as it spends time outdoors. As a polymer-based application, it creates a barrier that prevents salt, detergent, and UV rays from harming your car's exterior. Additionally, it removes the appearance of water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, and pollution to improve your car's condition. Your exterior will look flawless and will continue to look new as you drive it each day.

ZAK Fluids

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What Makes ZAK Products Different?

ZAK products are designed to last longer due to the premium ingredients that they contain to ensure you don't have to apply it as frequently compared to similar items in the industry. The ZAK products are priced higher, but you end up paying less in the long run because the treatments allow a little to go a long way. You'll also pay less for repairs and breakdowns because your car will begin to operate better, making car ownership more affordable.

ZAK Products Available at Town East Ford

Upgrading to ZAK products is easy and can allow you to begin improving the quality and condition of your vehicle immediately. When visiting our dealership in Mesquite, you'll find that we have a complete line of ZAK products to choose from for your specific make and model. Visit us today or contact us online to speak to an expert and learn more about why ZAK fluids have a high value.

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