Ford Transit Trail Camper Van Coming to America  

Recently it was announced that the Ford Transit Trail Camper Van is going to be coming to the shores of America.

New Ford Camper

The arrival of this van has been anticipated for some time. It was in the UK two years ago, and people have been anticipating its arrival in the United States essentially ever since then. There's been even more anticipation than normal because of the Van Life component of all of this. This aspect of culture means that people buy big camper vans to be able to live how and where they want. These types of vans mean that you can bring most of what you will need to live with you wherever you go.

Then, you find a place to camp in a professional location that gives you access to resources like electricity, or else you rely on your resources in whatever place you choose to camp in the wilderness. The upshot of all of this is that you can live wherever you want to at any particular time. You can travel around the world and camp here or there. Many people do this to blog about it and earn their living by telling people about the way they live.

They are a new class of digital nomads that can migrate across the country all while living out of their van and experiencing life how they want to do so. This is the context behind why many people are anticipating the new Ford Transit. It's still not known exactly which features will carry over from the UK version to the American version, but there is sure to be some kind of overlap. At the very least, you will get the usual camper features as well as options like all-wheel drive and the usual power and off-roading options that you will likely have access to, no matter what.

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