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What Types of Engine Oil are Available?

There are many types of engine oil that you can select from for your vehicle. From conventional oil to full synthetic oil, every kind of motor oil is accompanied by its specific pros and cons. Selecting the type of motor oil to use in your vehicle will depend on various factors, including standard vehicle usage, driving habits, and the model year of your car. Although it is always best to refer to your vehicle's owner manual for guidance, our professionals can help provide quality advice, too.

Conventional Motor Oil

As one of the most popular types of engine oil, conventional motor oil works well for a wide variety of vehicles. It is available in several viscosity ratings and quality levels. Conventional motor oil is made of crude oil that is known to keep your engine running smoothly. Conventional motor oil is highly affordable, and it works well for drivers with standard vehicles and regular driving habits.

High Mileage Motor Oil

High mileage motor oil is an excellent option if your vehicle is older or has extensive mileage. High mileage motor oil anticipates the performance issues that accompany many older or well-used cars, so it contains additives and boosters to correct these problems. High mileage motor oil can benefit older models that have been well taken care of and serviced regularly by reducing oil burning and preventing oil leaks.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

A synthetic blend of motor oil mixes conventional motor oil and full synthetic motor oil qualities. It performs well at low temperatures and is known for its ability to resist oxidation. Synthetic blend motor oil is also quite affordable, and it provides a heightened level of protection for your engine.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Some manufacturers require full synthetic motor oil in newer vehicles because it contains fewer impurities and has been designed for ultimate performance. Developed with high levels of additives, great cleansing qualities, and ample additives, fully synthetic motor oil allows your engine to perform at its best.

To ensure your vehicle continues to run well and maintain lubrication for your powertrain components, it is essential to select the proper type of engine oil. While your vehicle's owner manual can provide some insight, our skilled professionals can also help you choose the right type of engine oil for your car.

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