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Regardless of whether you're going to work or a weekend destination, nothing is worse than a broken-down car. One of the most serious problems you can encounter is an overheating engine. The engine can overheat due to issues with the cooling system and its components. If your car begins overheating as you're out driving, contact a qualified mechanic for assistance with repairs.

Bad Water Pump

The water pump is one of the critical parts of your vehicle's cooling system. The water pump has multiple parts that can break, including the water pump belt. The water pump may also become contaminated, interfering with its ability to deliver coolant fluid to the engine and elsewhere through the cooling system.

Cooling System Leaks

Your car's engine stays cool largely due to the cooling system. The cooling system contains belts, hoses, and other parts that work in unison to keep the engine from getting too hot. Several parts in the cooling system can break and cause fluid leaks, including the hoses and pipes. If there is a leak in the cooling system, you might also notice other symptoms such as a sweet smell coming from your vehicle and puddles of green or blue coolant fluid.

Radiator Problems

The radiator is another component in the car's cooling system. The radiator helps maintain the engine's proper operating temperature by working with fans to cool the engine's internal temperature. The fans can break or get dirty, which prevents them from drawing warm air away from the engine. The radiator may break as well, which causes the engine's temperature to rise above normal levels.

Low Levels of Oil

Your car's engine requires a certain volume of oil to work correctly. The oil provides the engine with sufficient lubrication levels, and it also helps control the engine's operating temperature. If there isn't enough oil in the engine, it is more likely to overheat. A mechanic can look for an oil leak to see if this is the underlying problem.

Belt and Hose Problems

The cooling system in your car has its own set of belts and hoses. The belts and hoses can become frayed and worn out, which makes them stop functioning correctly. If the belts and hoses are not working, they can't move coolant fluid through the cooling system or supply the engine with adequate amounts of antifreeze. Either situation can cause engine overheating.

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