Ford Car Battery Facts

How long has it been since you last had your car battery serviced? Find out why it needs regular maintenance in this video.

A car battery is important to many functions for your vehicle. You likely know that the battery of your car helps start your engine, but it also powers the in-car computer as well as all of the lights, both exterior and interior. Batteries are vital for your vehicle, so it is essential that you know if battery failure is imminent or if it is time for a battery replacement. Bringing your car into Town East Ford for service will let you know of the condition of your battery and when you need to bring it back in for a change or a check-up. This guide will inform you of signs of battery failure and how to maintain your battery.

When to Service a Car Battery in Dallas

There are several signs that your battery may experience failure soon. When wondering whether it is time to get your battery serviced, you should first consider the age of the battery. The average lifespan of a car battery is three years, with normal usage and maintenance. Some batteries can last up to five years. If you have a battery that is this old, it's time to get it checked out before it suddenly fails. Old age is the biggest risk for battery failure. There are other signs to look for that could mean your battery is at risk of failure, too.

    Ford Battery Service in Mesquite
  • The 'check battery' light appears on your dash
  • Excess corrosion on the battery case
  • The engine cranks slowly
  • The lights on your car are dim or malfunctioning
  • Heat has caused the battery casing to swell

Once you recognize any of these signs that your battery may soon die, head to Town East Ford's service center to get the problems checked out or to get a new battery.

Changing a Car Battery Less Often

Batteries last the full three to five years with proper, regular maintenance. Without that, you may find that you need to replace your battery much more often, which can become costly. You can avoid these costs by following a few practices that can help your battery last longer

Tips for a better car battery:

  1. Don't Take Too Many Short Rides
    Frequent short rides can wear out a battery as it doesn't let the battery fully re-charge.

  2. Make Sure All Your Lights Are Off When You Park
    Lights left on in your car for hours while parked can cause your battery to die. You could be in for an awful surprise when you come back to your car and it won't start.

  3. Service Your Battery, and the Rest of Your Car
    Regular battery service in Mesquite, Texas keeps your battery in top condition. Our service team can run a diagnostic test to determine how much longer your battery will last, and also ensure that the battery is tightly fastened in its casing and replace any old parts. Maintaining your battery also means maintaining the rest of your car. Each part works in concert with each other, so one old or malfunctioning component could be hindering the rest of your car.

Car Battery Replacement Near Me

The service center at Town East Ford is here to provide you with top-of-the-line service for your vehicle. We will find any problem with your battery with a comprehensive check-up and advise you on the next steps to take, whether the battery needs to be changed or if it is still safe to drive with. We will also help you find the right new battery options that fit your Ford the best!


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